Evangelizing beyond early adopters: Developing materials to train teachers in the use of GeoGebra

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Mike May


Abstract:  The author has presented 20 workshops teaching high school and college teachers to use GeoGebra.  The formats have included one, two, and four hour workshops at professional meetings, all day in service sessions at high schools, and week long on line workshops through the MAA PREP program.  One indication of the successfulness of the workshops is that a significant number of participants in the workshops have subsequently made presentations of their own at professional meetings.  This paper explores working principles that should inform preparation of training material and gives an outline of material that is already available and what still remains to be developed.

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Mike May, Saint Louis University

Associate Professor

Saint Louis University, Department of Mathematics

Math Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, 1988

I have done more than 20 presentations on GeoGebra including 3 PREP workshops for the MAA (15 hours each), 2 minicourses at national meetings (4 hours each) and 5 minicourses at ICTCM (2 hours each)