Transformations and Complex Numbers

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Roberto C Soto
Armando M. Martinez-Cruz


In this paper, we use complex-number operations to carry out transformations of geometric shapes and establish connections between geometry and algebra in the high-school curriculum.  We use dynamic geometry software to visualize the geometric effect of these algebraic operations and connect complex-number operations to translations, rotations, and dilations. 

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Roberto C Soto, California State University, Fullerton

Roberto Soto is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at California State University Fullerton. His research interests include representation theory of groups and algebras and their applications as well as active learning in mathematics classrooms.

Armando M. Martinez-Cruz, California State University, Fullerton

Dr. Martinez-Cruz is a Professor of Mathematics at California State University Fullerton specializing in technology use. His research interests include problem solving, problem posing, and learning mathematical concepts in technology environments. He is actively involved in several teacher education programs.