North American GeoGebra Journal

The North American GeoGebra Journal publishes articles about the use of GeoGebra in teaching and learning mathematics at all levels. The journal is pleased to publish contributions on any aspect of the use of GeoGebra in mathematics education which are likely to be of interest to readers.

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Vol 3, No 1 (2014): North American GeoGebra Journal

Fostering the pursuit of mathematical understanding through creative investigation

Table of Contents


Brownie Points PDF SKETCHES
Chris Bolognese
The Parabola as a Locus: Paving the Way to the CCSS PDF
Armando Moises Martinez-Cruz, Jose Natividad Contreras
Artistic Symmetry: Finding Richness in Tattoo Design PDF Sketches
Lisa Foos
Systems of Inequalities, Using Geogebra to plan your party PDF WORKSHEET
Karen Ann Noyes
Building Dynamic Fraction Bar Models with GeoGebra PDF
Thomas Edmond Cooper