North American GeoGebra Journal

The North American GeoGebra Journal publishes articles about the use of GeoGebra in teaching and learning mathematics at all levels. The journal is pleased to publish contributions on any aspect of the use of GeoGebra in mathematics education which are likely to be of interest to readers.

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Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts should be double-spaced with one-inch margins, 11 point Times New Roman font, and a maximum of 3000 words. Please use APA style in your submission, citing sources with appropriate information such as author, journal or book title, publisher, date, and pages. Original figures, tables, and graphs should appear embedded in the document – both in the electronic and hard copy forms. Please do not use text boxes, footnotes, or head-notes.

An electronic copy of your manuscript or activity is required. The electronic copy should be in either Word, PDF, or LaTeX format following the guidelines described in the NAGJ formatting document. No cover sheet is needed. Authors enter their name, work address, telephone number, fax, and email address as part of the registration process. No author identification should appear on the manuscript itself or in the document’s metadata. The editors of the North American GeoGebra Journal use a blind review process.

Vol 6, No 1 (2017): North American GeoGebra Journal

Fostering the pursuit of mathematical understanding through creative investigation

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Alfinio Flores